SH M5406R Smart Flip Down Tv Mounts

Product Category:   Motorized TV Ceiling Mount 
Rank:  Standard 
Material:  Steel,Plastic 
Metal Sheet Thickness:  Wall Plate THK=2mm Cold-Rolled Sheet (Bracket Arm THK=0.079" Cold-Rolled Sheet,VESA Panel THK=0.079" Cold-Rolled Sheet,Wall Plate THK=0.079" Cold-Rolled Sheet)
Surface Finish: Powder Coating 
Color:                 Matte Black  
Fit Screen Size:  Suitable For Most 32" ~ 70" Screen 
Fit Curved TV:    Yes Mounting Hole 
Pattern : VESA Only 
VESA Compatible:      




Weight Capacity Weight Capacity: 35kg (77lbs)
 Max. VESA: 600x400
Strength Tested: 3 Times Approved  Tilt Range: 0~-75? 
Profile: 108mm (4.3")
Tilt Range: 0-(-75°)
Screen Level: +2°~-2°
Tilt Range: Screen Freely Tilting
Installation:  Ceiling Mounted 
Panel Type: Detachable Panel 
Wall Plate Type: Fixed Wall Plate AV Component 
Power Supply:  AC 100~240V,50/60Hz Output DC 24V, 1.5A
Power Cord Length: 1.5m (4.9ft)
Controller Type: Radio Frequency(RF) 

Skill Tech SH M5406R Motorized Flip Down TV Ceiling Mount is the perfect choice to saves space for the room with low ceiling (flat and pitched) - retracts and keeps flush to the top. Best of all, combined with the balanced mechanism to stop TV shaking on the ceiling. Quality motor holds TVs up to 75” (35 kg/77lbs) and provides automatic flip up and down function with the press of a button. The convenient RF remote allows operation through walls and from greater distances. Keyhole pattern allows for easy installation and height-adjustment.


Flip Down Design: allows for easy storage, cleared up space and out-of-way safety

Powerful Motor: more stable, strong, and durable

Remote Control Included: for easy movement

Built-In Level Adjustment: ensures perfect positioning