SH TW85 Motorized Telescopic Height-Adjustable Aluminium Tv Stand

Product Category: Motorized TV Mount
Model SH TW85
Fit Screen Size   Suitable For Most 55" ~ 85" Screen
Material Aluminium
Capacity  68.2kgs
Voltage and stroke 24V, 500 mm
Color Black
Upright distance 500 mm
Height adjustment  1150-1650mm
Base structure Modular
VESA range 200x200-600x400 mm
Max Vesa 600x400

The SH TW85 mobile TV mount bracket is designed to be very delicate, convenient, and portable to be able to mount a TV with a total weight of up to 68.2kg, to install flat screens from 55 inches to 85 inches, with 4 Wheels have pre-installed brake pins, wireless lifting by electronic remote. The latest mobile TV mount is now for exhibitions, conference rooms, outdoor mobile sales, used in restaurants, weddings, conference centers.

For TV screens with sizes from 55 inches to 85 inches.

Comes with standard photo stand (camera).

TV adjustment height: 1m15 - 1m65. Wireless lifting by Remote.

Modular design allows for quick disassembly for storage or transport.

Flexible and easy to install.

Perfect space saver for your location.

Complete convenience with integrated wire management system.

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