SH 990P Heavy - Duty Full Motion TV Wall Mount

Product Category: Full-Motion TV Wall Mount
Rank: Standard
Material: Steel
Dimensions: 703x1010x630mm (27.7"x39.8"x24.8")
Fit Screen Size: Suitable For Most 60" ~ 100" Screen
Fit Curved TV: Yes
VESA Compatible:




Max. Mounting Hole: 910x610
Weight Capacity: 90kg 
Profile: 75~703mm (3"~27.7")
Tilt Range: +5° ~- 15°
Swivel Range: +60° ~ -60°
Screen Level: +5° ~ -5°


The SH 990P Heavy-Duty Full Motion TV Wall Mount is a robust and versatile solution for your home entertainment setup. With a steel construction and dimensions measuring 703x1010x630mm (27.7"x39.8"x24.8"), it's designed to accommodate large screens ranging from 60 to 120 inches, including curved TVs. This wall mount offers extensive VESA compatibility, supporting various mounting hole patterns, such as 200x200, 300x200, 400x200, 300x300, 400x300, 400x400, 600x400, 800x400, 800x600, and 900x600, with a maximum mounting hole size of 910x610mm.Impressively, this heavy-duty mount has a remarkable weight capacity of 120kg (264lbs), ensuring secure and stable placement of your oversized TV. Its profile ranges from 75mm to 703mm (3" to 27.7"), allowing you to achieve the perfect viewing height and adjust the mount's position according to your preferences. The tilt range of +5° to -15° enables you to customize the screen angle for an optimal viewing experience. Additionally, it offers an extensive swivel range of +60° to -60°, granting flexibility in positioning the TV at different angles to suit your needs. The screen level feature, with a range of +5° to -5°, ensures precise alignment. Whether you have a flat or curved TV, this heavy-duty full-motion wall mount delivers strength, versatility, and convenience for an exceptional home theater experience.

  • Free-Tilting Design: makes easy forward or backward adjustment for better viewing and reduced glare
  • Cable Management: keeps everything organized
  • Extending Arm: provides a wide range of viewing angles
  • Quick-Release Latch: locks/unlocks the display in place
  • Swiveling Arm(s): offer(s) maximum viewing flexibility (makes every seat the best seat)

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