SH 53461P Gas Spring Fireplace Mantel Tv Mount

Product Category: Full - Mostion Tv Wall Mount
Rank: Premium
Material: Steel,Plastic
Metal Sheet Thickness: Bracket Arm THK=2.5mm cold-rolled sheet,VESA Panel THK=2mm cold-rolled sheet,Wall Plate THK=3mm pickling sheet(Bracket Arm THK=0.098" cold-rolled sheet,VESA Panel THK=0.079" cold-rolled sheet,Wall Plate THK=0.12" pickling sheet)
Surface Finish: Powder Coating
Color: Matte Black
Dimensions: 572x650x915mm (22.5"x25.6"x36")
Fit Screen Size: Suitable For Most 43" ~ 70" Screen
Fit Curved TV: Yes
Mounting Hole Pattern : VESA & Universal
VESA Compatible:



Max. Mounting Hole: 600x400
Weight Capacity: 13-35kg (28.6lbs~77lbs)
Strength Tested: 4 Times Approved
Profile: 90-486mm (3.5"~19.1")
Tilt Range: +5° ~ -12°
Swivel Range: +30° ~ -30°
Screen Level: +3° ~ -3°
Installation: Solid Wall,Double Stud(406mm/450mm/600mm)
Panel Type: Detachable Panel
Wall Plate Type: Fixed Wall Plate
Cable Management: Yes
Accessory Kit Package: Normal/Ziplock Polybag, Compartment Polybag

The SH 53461P Gas Spring Fireplace Mantel TV Mount is a premium, high-quality wall mounting solution designed to enhance your home entertainment experience. Constructed from durable steel and plastic materials, this mount features robust metal sheet thickness for stability and reliability, with a bracket arm thickness of 2.5mm, VESA panel thickness of 2mm, and a 3mm pickling sheet for the wall plate. Its matte black powder coating finish adds a sleek and modern look to your setup. This versatile mount is suitable for most 43" to 70" screens, including curved TVs, and supports VESA and universal mounting hole patterns, including compatibility with sizes like 200x200, 300x200, 400x200, 300x300, 400x300, 400x400, and 600x400mm, with a maximum mounting hole size of 600x400mm.With a weight capacity ranging from 13kg to 35kg (28.6lbs to 77lbs), this TV mount has undergone rigorous strength testing, receiving approval four times over to ensure its durability and safety. The adjustable profile offers flexibility, ranging from 90mm to 486mm (3.5" to 19.1"), allowing you to customize the mounting height and position for an optimal viewing experience. The mount features a tilt range of +5° to -12°, enabling you to achieve the perfect screen angle, and a swivel range of +30° to -30°, providing versatile viewing options. The screen level feature with a range of +3° to -3° ensures precise alignment.Installation options include solid wall and double stud (406mm/450mm/600mm) to accommodate various wall types and room configurations. The panel is detachable for straightforward setup, and the wall plate type is fixed for stability. Additionally, this TV mount offers cable management to keep your setup organized and tidy. Whether you're mounting your TV above a fireplace mantel or in any other room, this gas spring TV mount combines premium quality and versatility to elevate your home entertainment setup

Gas Piston Auto-Stabilization: delivers perfect weight balance for any TV.

Swivel Ability: for multiple screens viewing angles.

Built-In Level Adjustment: ensures perfect positioning.

Easy-Grip Handle makes pull-down and placement a snap.

Cable Management: keep everything organized.