SH 006PS Universal Swivel & Tilt Credit Card Terminal POS Stand

Product Category: Credit Card Terminal Stand
Rank: Standard
Material: Aluminum,Steel,Plastic
Surface Finish: Powder Coating
Panel Size: 166mm x (min70mm~max110mm) (6.5" x (min2.8"~max4.3"))
Applicable Device: Universal

Tilt Range:

+45° ~ -45°
Swivel Range: +180° ~ -180°
Profile: 175mm (6.9")
Cable Management: Yes
Color: Fine Texture Black
Accessory Kit Package: Normal/Ziplock Polybag

The SH 006PS is a versatile and practical credit card terminal stand designed to enhance efficiency and functionality in various business environments. Crafted from durable materials including aluminum, steel, and plastic, and featuring a fine texture black powder-coated finish, this stand offers both durability and a sleek appearance.With a panel size of 166mm x (min70mm~max110mm) (6.5" x (min2.8"~max4.3")), the SH 006PS is compatible with a wide range of credit card terminals, making it a universal solution for businesses. It provides a flexible tilt range of +45° to -45° and swivel range of +180° to -180°, allowing you to adjust the terminal to the most ergonomic and convenient viewing angle for both customers and staff.The stand has a profile of 175mm (6.9"), ensuring it doesn't take up excessive counter space. Additionally, it features integrated cable management to keep cords organized and prevent clutter, contributing to a neat and professional appearance at your point of sale.

  • Width Adjustment: fits a variety of appliance/device sizes and shapes
  • Swiveling Joint: offers maximum viewing flexibility
  • Toolless Tilt: allows for effortless positioning
  • Silicone Pad: prevents the device from scratching and accidental dropping (securely hold the device in place

Universal Swivel & Tilt Credit Card Terminal Stand

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